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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fall Ballet - Pictures

The wonderful Ted Keener has pulled through with another round of really nice pictures. I dont think I thank him enough for what he does. I've pulled some of the ones I like especially and posted them below. Hope you enjoy. (click each photo for the full size version)

Such a dynamic shot, things tend look better big, they’re taking it to the max. Erin looks good there in the middle.

It's nice to have captured a moment when everyone is finally together :) Ted takes good pix.

“The lift” we toss her up and flip her to her back as she comes down. It is on this decent that her back was twisted last week. Today was the first day we put her back up there. Now we are lowering her as she is in the picture, well actually we keep our down stage hands lifted so she ends up with her head above her heals.

Taken by Michelle, Ted in the front I in the back. Looks like I need to keep my front leg lifted .

Justin’s got a great split leap in Grand Pas Classique.

Another killer shot, totally in action. Chris lights up the stage and Michelle really grounds things. A seriously compelling duo.

Showing some sass in “the fan dance” I am sure they are all cursing the damn dollar store fans.

Meredith and I coming out of her spinning jump up from the floor.

A pose soon thereafter, thankfully I managed to keep my body square this evening.

Meredith as I lean her away before drawing back in for the walks.

Our finishing pose, I promise it looks less awkward from the front.

Sam and Griffy with some hang-time together in their pas de deux.

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