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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More news on Martin Fredmann from Denver

An article ran today in the Denver Post on the lack of ticket sales for the Colorado Ballet's run of Sleeping Beauty.

The whole article is so chipper, I cant decide if it's spin to restore and re-engage the public perception of the company or whether the administration is truly happy with the numbers. With the firing of Martin Fredmann in mind, a straight forward reading of the article would yield that the administration left is happy with the way things are going now, "Lisa Snider, the Colorado Ballet's interim executive director, said the company is pleased with the overall number of tickets sold."

Regardless of how the administration feels, I cant imagine the dancers are very thrilled with the move to the much larger Caulkins Opera House. It doesnt matter how many people are actually in attendence, no one likes performing to a house that looks or feels empty. The Caulkins is just that big. I've never understood why companies so often rush to perform in larger theaters. It's almost in their disposition to feel empty.

Perhaps of more importance, it is noted near the end of the article that Martin Fredmann has granted permission of the use of his Nutcracker this year, "Fredmann, who only recently reached an agreement with the Colorado Ballet that will allow the company to use his choreography for the upcoming production of "The Nutcracker," said cutting back performances could be the company's only viable option if it wants to perform for fuller houses."

Ballet played to abundance of empty seats


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kennedy Center often will offer $10 tickets the day of the performance in order to boost attendance. It makes the show even for the audience much, much better.

2:14 PM  

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