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Saturday, October 15, 2005

NBC Stages News Report

This report has pretty much saturated the blogosphere. So for those of you that frequent an array of sites it is probably old news. I am sure though that it will be new to some, so here it is from thepoliticalteen.com (click image for the short 3 min video)


On the Today Show a few days ago, Katie Couric was promoting a segment that would talk about the apparent staged inteview with soldiers in Iraq. A few moments later the show went to correspondent Michelle Kosinski, reporting on location about the floods in New Jersey. Kosinski was canoeing what looked to be in deep water.

However as the segment began two men walked in front of her in what looked to be a few inches of water. Michelle Kosinski attempted to brush this off, however Katie and Matt couldn’t stop laughing about the situation.


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