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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Senate Judiciary Questionnaire Grade: D+

Its been all quiet on the Harriet Miers front the last few days. The
assumption was that Ms. Miers would be working on the first questionnaire she’d received from the Senate Judiciary committee. Know for her strictly meticulous nature, the lackadaisical nature with which she has approached this latest assignment suggests that she might feel that her nomination to the Supreme Court is a free ticket to a reign as one of the supreme lawyers of the land. But in the famous words of Reading Rainbow, “don’t take my word for it,” our elected officials have had a lot to say in this mornings papers.

  • Known for her meticulousness and near obsessive attention to detail, Miers, for example, gave one-word answers to two-part questions, Leahy said, adding that some senators were "insulted" by her answers. – San Francisco Chronicle
  • Former Senator Daniel R. Coats of Indiana, the administration's appointed guide for Ms. Miers on Capitol Hill, defended her answers in the Senate questionnaire as a work in progress. – NY Times
  • Look who is not talking up Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers: Some of the most prominent conservative women in th country. - Chicago Sun-Times
  • "We don't have enough in this questionnaire, the answers so far, to go forward," Specter said, complaining about what he called a "chaotic" confirmation process so far. – Reuters

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