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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ballet Blogs

As I mentioned earlier the ballet blogosphere is quickly growing towards a point of real existence. I wouldn’t be active online if I didn’t feel it was important to be constantly learning and working to stay connected. Anyways, for those of you looking for more here are some of the bloggers I enjoy regularly...

Rachel Howard - A San Franciscan, her recently published memoir The Last Night has been marvelously received. Rachael covers the Bay Area dance scene writing pretty regularly for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kristin Sloan - A dancer in the corps at NYCB does wonderful things with her camera phone. A wonderful site if you aren't in the The City and want to try to stay connected.

Leigh Witchel - A choreographer and knitting aficionado. Leigh writes very knowledgeable reviews and a fairly consistent basis. And he brings such a diverse number of subjects to his blog, it never gets boring.

Doug Fox - Has worked recently towards creating a sense of cohesion among ballet's bloggers. He has a keen interest in the marketing and finer managerial aspects of Ballet.

Tobi Tobias
- A writer at ArtsJournal.com. Her blog Seeing Things has been on a bit of a break lately. She has just had her children’s book Wishes For You published.

Rachel Feinerman
- A modern dancer with many interests I like it that Rachel brings the interations between the dance world and the outside world to the forefront in her blog.

Terry Teachout - A writer at ArtsJournal.com Terry write on much of the arts scene in NYC.

Brendan McCarthy - A journalist and adult ballet student in Europe. His coverage of the European dance scene is invaluable. Brendan throws some great pictures into the mix too.


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