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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ballet Internationale Folds

Ballet Internationale, the Indianapolis based ballet company of 32 years and the State of Indiana's only legitimate fulltime ballet company shocked the public today when it closed its doors permanently. A respected small to midsized regional ballet company with a budget of $2.8 million a year the company housed 29 dancers on 32 week contracts and had 6 artistic staff. A press release issued by the company today has made it clear that the dancers and staff will not be finishing the year. All tickets for the scheduled Nutcracker have been voided. Several news outlets have picked up the story.

Inside Indiana Business
Wish TV
Indy Star

Questions now arise as to how members of Indiana's ballet community will respond to Internationale's closure. Indianapolis is not totally in the dark as it is still home to Dance Kaleidoscope a more contemporary company that spends its summers performing at the acclaimed Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon. However Dance Kaleidoscope is small, its finances and size limit it from the full size productions to the scale Internationale regularly provided.

Eyes are easily turned north to Fort Wayne, where the civic Fort Wayne ballet has performed for nearly 50 years. An unpaid company of young adults the program has experience growth and recently opened a satellite studio in Roanoke.

Other plausible options include the development of collegiate programs to serve the community. Indiana houses two collegiate dance programs of professional acclaim. Butler a private school in Indianapolis is well respected for the depth of its dancers and the well rounded degree that it offers. While Indiana University Bloomington houses one of the nation’s best and only strictly Balletic programs.


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