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Thursday, November 03, 2005

French Riots Continue

In the years since the Iraqi war began Europeans have on numerous occasion chastised the United States for its "Barbaric" actions. And while I have sometimes agreed that lines were crossed it has nonetheless been personaly offensive. Today the blame game is going out across the Atlantic to the French. I say, get your asses inside. Dont destroy things... its barbaric. And for gods sake live within the law of your own land.

Below are pictures from around the web and snippits from CTV as the riots continue in this so called developed world.

Rioting across Paris suburbs continued for a seventh night on Wednesday, with shots being fired at police and fire crews trying to quell days of unrest.

The riots have renewed debate on France's failure to fully integrate its millions of immigrants, many of whom are poverty-stricken and living in low-cost, suburban housing estates rife with gangs.

Almost a quarter of the young people in these areas are unemployed, created conditions similar to a "powder-keg", according to CNN correspondent Jim Bitterman.


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