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Monday, December 19, 2005

Ohio Ballet Struggling

Citing financial difficulties the Ohio Ballet reported late last week that they have canceled 6 of their winter season shows and closed the company until Mid-March. The company has never produced the Nutcracker but has instead offered an alternative for Akron residents. Wilma Salisbury at the Cleavland Plain Dealer talked with the ballet about the financial straits they find themselves in, here are highlights from her Dec 16 article.
The 38-year-old ballet is the largest professional dance troupe in Northeast Ohio
Citing a $140,000 shortfall in contributed income and disappointing single-ticket sales for the fall season in Akron and Cleveland
The Akron company announced Thursday that it would cancel its slate of winter concerts, lay off its 12 dancers, cut its paid staff to two people and work with the city of Akron on fund-raising to restart its season in March.
The city of Akron, the largest contributor to the ballet's $1.2 million annual budget, gives the company $100,000 a year. The money helps pay for the ballet's free Summer Festival.
"This is not a fatal situation," he said. "We do not have an accumulated deficit.


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