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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Struggles at Washington Ballet Continue

While most of us took the weekend off to relax with friends and family the scene at the Washington Ballet continued to intensify as the ramifications of the cancellation of their Nutcrackers and resulting lost revenue became increasingly clear. Below are highlights from The Washington Posts Dec 24 article, Ballet Announces '06 Cancellations
The Washington Ballet yesterday canceled or postponed several engagements for next year, prompting the dancers' union to file charges with the National Labor Relations Board seeking an injunction to keep the schedule intact.
The company announced yesterday it will cancel the world premiere of "The Bach/Beatles Project" at the Kennedy Center, scheduled for Feb. 1-5, and the March 1-5 presentation of "7x7-Women," also at the Kennedy Center.
The ballet will also scrap performances at the Joyce Theater in New York, scheduled for March 21-26.
The ballet said it lost approximately $800,000 in ticket revenues from the "Nutcracker" cancellation -- revenues it relies on to subsidize other shows during the year.
The cancellations would cost dancers about three months' pay, he said.[Alan Gordon]
The company said financial considerations forced it to cancel rehearsals until at least Jan. 16. The two sides are scheduled to resume talks Jan. 3, but it was evident yesterday that the dispute seems to be escalating.


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