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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ballet Overshadowed by Politics

I hardly know where to begin after reading this article. It’s so sad, after saying I am a firm believer in democracy and freedom, what is left to say? I don’t know if there’s much of anything one individual can do.

The Australian Epoch Times confirmed yesterday that,
"Last week two Australian Ballet dancers, Lucinda Dunn and Robert Curran, received notice from the Melbourne Chinese Consulate confirming that their performance in the New Tang Dynasty (NTDTV) Chinese New Year Gala production in Sydney would jeopardize their future chances to perform in China. They were urged to withdraw from their contractual obligations."
The Times spent the week looking further into the matter, clearing up the facts and asking some difficult questions,
"The fact that two principal dancers were pressured to pull out, due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party here in Australia, should be enough to outrage any democracy-respecting citizen. If artists escape to the West to avoid the shadow of Communism, what is the alternative for our home-grown dancers experiencing such intimidating tactics in their own land?

"If it is true that Chinese officials have told [Australian] performers that participating in the celebrations would be at the expense of opportunities to travel to…China, the Australian Government must raise this issue with China," Senator Stott Despoja told The Epoch Times .

Another question is why does the Chinese Communist regime attempt to taint a cultural event in Australia? The event's organizers, NTDTV confirmed that it is "purely cultural" and has no political agenda. At a press conference last week, NTDTV's General Manager Richard Chan expressed deep regret that politics were mixed into the performing arts."
You can find this article in its entirety by clicking their logo below.


Blogger LeighAnn said...

I love your website. It was put together great.

Man, I wish I could do ballet. So beautiful!

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