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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cincinnati makes mid-season hirings

A recent playbillarts.com article, Cincinnati Ballet Hires Nine From Defunct Indianapolis Company, updates us on where some of Ballet Internationale’s dancers have gone. I think its interesting and important however to note that the idea of the Cincinnati ballet and the now ex-Indianapolis based company joining forces continues creeping into print. Joining forces is something that Eldar Aliev had suggested before the company went under, who knows whether this is because he knew what we didn’t. But what is for sure is that he had big plans for the company, there was also talk of him moving it to Los Angeles before Ethan Stiefel took the reigns at Ballet Pacifica. What is to be seen in the current landscape is whether his ambitious energies will rub off on Victoria Morgan. Perhaps this is happening, the end of the articles notes that a recent press release from Cincinnati proclaims that the company is eyeing the idea of performing regularly in Indianapolis. I believe Miami City and the Aspen/SantaFe ballets are the only other companies in the country that regularly call more than one city home.


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