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Monday, January 23, 2006

Colorado Ballet steps to the front of the line

This winter most of the nation’s ballet companies have struggled to maintain their fundraising and bring full audiences into their houses; in general revenues have been lower than projected. However, The Colorado Ballet, a company in financial and administrative turmoil has somehow managed to emerge from it’s winter season on one of the highest notes in its established history. The Colorado Ballet and Denver Post reported today the results of this years shortened run of the holiday classic Nutcracker. Below are the numbers,
[to date] the company has sold more tickets than it did during the entire 2004-05 season and reached 93 percent of its $3.2 million ticket sales goal for 2005-06.
Total paid attendance was 35,806 - 38.5 percent more than the 2004 paid attendance.
Total revenue was $1.79 million, about 16 percent higher than the company's previous high mark in 2001.
Average revenue per performance was about $75,000, a 60 percent jump over 2004.
"The fact that we canceled six performances and still exceeded that budget, which was a very reasonable budget based on 30 performances, is commendable," Snider said.
the company has revived its previous tradition of sponsoring Valentine's Day parties.


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