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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Humor from the house down the street.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get over Leigh Witchel’s sense of humor, I love it. His response to the "new" Houston Ballet shows a responsible sense of foresight, even if I wouldn’t polarize things in the same way. Nonetheless, I have a deep respect for the athleticism of Houston's men’s program and training; even if at times it is lacking in finesse. (but maybe this is simply because the athleticism is what I've always lacked)
"Five years from now, when the company tries to do The Sleeping Beauty again (only for ticket sales, of course) and they discover they can't get through it, maybe they'll realize that classical repertory and training aren't something you can keep in a cookie jar up on a shelf and only take down when needed."


Anonymous Leigh Witchel said...

Well, gosh!

To be utterly fair, I admit that the cookie jar metaphor isn't original to me. I heard it first in a conversation with Alexandra Tomalonis, and it stuck.

All the best -


12:58 PM  

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