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Friday, January 27, 2006

Jacobs Pillow, 2006

This just published at the Boston Herald...
More than half the artists appearing in the 74th annual Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival season in Becket this summer hail from abroad and represent a variety of styles, from classical ballet to Scandinavian modern, even krumping, a style of high-velocity street dance from South Central Los Angeles. Highlights include Israel’s Emanuel Gat Dance in a rousing salsa-based version of “The Rite of Spring,” Finland’s Tero Saarinen Company in the U.S. premiere of “Borrowed Light” (based on Shaker movement, with live music from the Boston Camerata), and Chinese choreographer Shen Wei’s new dance inspired by travels in Tibet. Ballet fans won’t want to miss the Suzanne Farrell Ballet in Balanchine’s fiery “Tzigane” or Karole Armitage’s acclaimed “In this dream that dogs me.” Both Armitage and Montreal’s Rubberdance Group combine classical moves with krumping. The season is June 17-Aug. 27. Call 413-243-9919.


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