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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Louisville Ballet running into difficulty

The Louisville Ballets spring show of Giselle has been put into jeopardy as the Orchestra’s contract negotiations continue to stall.
The orchestra projects a $500,000 deficit for this fiscal year, no longer has any lines of credit and is not paying many of its bills. The orchestra's board planned a $3.5 million fund drive this year, but said that depended on reaching a contract deal by Dec. 31 with the 71 full-time players. The current contract expires Aug. 31. Full Article

The ballets ticket holders as well as its management have expressed concern about performances that the orchestra is scheduled to play in the spring. Jack Lemmon, executive director of the Louisville Ballet has commented on the orchestra’s labor dispute…
"It has huge impact for us," he said. The orchestra plays for three of the season's five productions. The ballet has some flexibility because it sometimes can substitute recorded music. But Lemmon and artistic director Bruce Simpson agreed that the solution is a tepid compromise and often unacceptable in a full-evening work like "Giselle," where myriad tempo changes typically require a conductor's eyes and ears. Full Article


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