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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cincinnati Ballet Lands Paul Kaine

The Cincinnati Ballet announced today that it has appointed Paul Kaine executive director. Executive directors are asked to play a delicate role keeping the company on stable financial ground without stifling the artistic output of a company and its artistic director. In the Enquire today Victoria Morgan offered positive and yet classically guarded words of anticipation at bringing Mr. Kaine onboard.
"What matters most to me is that he'll understand my enthusiasm and drive for new productions, more high-profile choreographers and more touring. There's a lot of opportunity for growth with someone at the helm with passion and expertise."
I think it’s important to consider the recent changes in the midwest's dance landscape when reading this quote. The articles linked below make it more clear that Ms. Morgan has chosen Mr. Kaine in large part for his ability to create well organized company tours and performances in venues away from home. Couple this with the recent closure of Ballet Internationale in Indianapolis and Ms. Morgan’s expressed desire to perform for that audience and you have the beginning of something that could be really significant. Perhaps she is gearing up for some serious new moves. I don’t normally comment on things I am completely unqualified to comment on, but I'll go out on a limb here and say I think the Cincinnati Ballet is a company we should all keep our eyes on in the next season or so.

Read more on Paul Kaine joining the Cincinnati Ballet at
The Enquirer
The Post


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