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Friday, March 03, 2006

Mediation this week at The Washington Ballet

Pardon the lack of posting this last half of the week. I've been under the gun with a midterm this evening and organizing myself to be out of town this weekend. I'm leaving for Salt Lake City tomorrow and will be back late Monday the 5th. There probably wont be any posts between now and then.

If you've been following The Washington Ballet's unionization process you'll want to read this article by Sarah Kaufman in the Washington Post. The ballet began mediation on Wednesday.

I sent a short email to Mr. Webre expressing my support of his efforts. He was very appreciative of it at such a critical time. However you feel, I would suggest you consider emailing which ever side you support, its been a stressful week for both.

Have a great weekend. I look forward to catching us up on the events that transpire weekend on Tuesday, I'll see you then.


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