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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fernando Bujones Documentary in the Making

The Orlando Sentinel recently published a little blurb on IRG Productions a small Florida based film company has begun the production of a documentary based on Fernando Bujones work at Orlando Ballet. Titled Lovely Pain, the film is slated to be approximately an hour and a half, the movies official website says this about it.
"Lovely Pain documents an intimate look at the life of company danseurs, plus a history of Orlando Ballet from its inception. Meet the company founders, patrons, and world-class danseurs such as Rasta Thomas. Measure their impact on the world of dance and Orlando Ballet.
This film captivates, entertains, and elevates an already resplendent art form. Welcome to ballet as you’ve never experienced it. Step into the lives of dancers... their triumphs and tragedies... a life that is Lovely Pain."
The trailer can be viewed here

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