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Friday, May 12, 2006

Auction date set for Ballet Internationale

Ballet Internationale’s assets will hit the block June 20. The winning bid will be reviewed by Judge Frank J. Otte the following day.

Theatrical Rental LLC the private company Ballet Internationale’s artistic and executive directors started after the companies closure asked that the audition take place as soon as possible, pushing for a May 29 date of sale. What’s more, Theatrical Rentals was asking to receive a $10,000 "breakup fee" should someone else someone else submit the winning bid, the judge promptly threw the request out.

The Indy star reports, “Otte, however, did insist that bids be solicited nationally from any ballet company, dance school or rental firm interested in purchasing the assets, including sets and costumes from about 30 Ballet Internationale productions.
Michelle Jarvis, chairwoman of Butler University's dance department, has said that while it's tricky to estimate ballet production values, it would cost her "millions" to replace 30 productions with new ones. Jarvis also said the value of that many used sets could run into the six figures.”

To read the complete article in the Indy Star click here

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