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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ballet Internationale to sell its assets

When Ballet Internationale closed this year much of the scrutiny that befell the company was aimed at its financial management. Many people were shocked to learn that even after its previous financial difficulties, the company nearly folded a couple years ago, its Artistic Director Elder Aliev was still being paid $100,000+ each year.

Well it seems once a shark always a shark. The Indy Star reported over the weekend that the ballet company has received a bid for its artistic assets from Theatrical Rental LLC, a business recently formed by Aliev and William Wilson, the company's last executive director. Now I wouldn’t be so skeptical and critical of these men if they had offered to pay a fair price for the company’s assets. The Indy Star reports they’ve currently offered $85,000 for the sets and costumes of about 30 productions. Those of you that have worked on the logistics of producing a ballet understand that you couldn’t buy the material for 30 sets and costumes for $85,000 let alone the labor and talent to put it all together.

It would be a real shame, if the men that many people blame for running to company into the ground walk away with its assets after paying pennies on the dollar.

To get the full story, head over to the Indy Star

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since everyone is so wrapped up in "The DaVinci Code" these days, I thought a tie-in to the Ballet Internationale story would be fun. (As it unfolds in the news I think we'll be treated to a drama as interesting as Dan Brown's novel!)

Guess what anagram you can create with the name "ELDAR ALIEV". Do you want the answer now, or do you want to play on your own?

Give it a try, I can wait.

Okay, the suspense is probably killing you. The answer is:
"A real devil". If you know the real Eldar, nothing else needs to be said.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to hear that other people see Eldar Aliev as the disaster he is. Here in Indianapolis, there has hardly been any in-depth reporting on the folding of this great company, just a dry laundry list of facts. As someone who used to work under Aliev's dictatorship, I saw the underhanded things he did, from cooking the books, to trying to cut deals to move the company to LA and then denying it, to threatening dancers with deportation. He is a snake, and the fact that he continues to work without any repercussions from his actions is a travesty. Other dancers and employees are still out of work, and yet he and Bill Wilson set out to capitalize on a tragedy that they caused by offering a pitiful amount of money for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sets and costumes.

Forgive me for ranting, but Eldar Aliev and Bill Wilson make me sick to my stomach.

11:04 AM  

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