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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Katherine Dunham

Choreographer and modern dance pioneer Katherine Dunham passed away last weekend at the age of 96. I’ve waited to post so that I could offer a larger selection of links to articles on the wonderful and legendary life she lived.

For those unfamiliar with Katherine Dunham and wondering whether they should read the articles listed below here is a short look at the women she was. Sarah Kaufman of the Washington Post writes,
In her unparalleled career in dance, where she educated the world about the power of African dance as found throughout the diaspora, Dunham mixed academic research and showbiz flair. An anthropologist as well as a choreographer, she studied dance in the Caribbean islands, blending movements she found there with Western dance. Her style was not scholarly; she reveled in eroticism. She sought not to re-create specific rites but to transport the audience the way a spiritual experience might. And she wasn't afraid to use sex to do this. A sensuous performer, she frequently wore costumes that revealed well-muscled thighs and ample curves
Dunham's dance technique and her way of life went hand in hand. She was inquisitive, blazingly energetic and exacting as a dancer and a choreographer, but she didn't leave those qualities behind after the curtain fell. Her whole long life was about questions and activism and energy. The path that led her to Broadway, Hollywood and concert stages around the world eventually took her to Haiti, where she lived for a number of years, working feverishly and, to her great distress, ultimately unsuccessfully to bring about change for that nation's desperately poor people.

To read more on her incredible life check to following publications
LA Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune,

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