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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sean Connery’s Black Ballet; the in-depth report

More news has surfaced on the ballet Sean Connery wrote while producing his Bonds roles. An early draft of his conception remains, below are some of my favorite parts. For the whole thing, head over to The Guardian.

A Russian nobleman. Who nevertheless speaks with a Scottish accent.

The Black Lake. To be performed by 12 female dancers wearing a giant lake costume (see sketches).

A chorus of live swans...

...MacBeth: The name's Beth. MacBeth.

Russian nobleman: Beth is a name for a wee girl.

MacBeth: MacBeth. It's all one word.

Russian nobleman: why am I here?

MacBeth: you symbolise the corruption of the old order. You're the bad guy.

Russian nobleman: Is there normally this much talking in a ballet?

MacBeth: There is in this one, pal...

...She pulls out a knife. He disarms her. The lake angrily rushes in through the window. They continue to fight underwater (see scale model). Blackout...

...Miss Ursula Andress rises from the depths of the Black Lake on a platform (see blueprint) wearing only a Scottish flag. The Exile winks to remaining audience members, and joins her under the flag as music swells. Curtain...

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