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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Joffrey manages to resolves ticket snafu

The Joffrey got all tied up in a public relations nightmare last week after patrons arrived at a free performance with more ticket confirmations than seats available. The organization first struggled to understand how their new ticketing program could issue more seats than were available and initially asked customers to come back to the company’s next free performance on Thursday night. Since then the company’s logistical questions have been answered and their Thursday performance went without a hitch, although the Chicago Tribune reports there were significantly fewer tickets issued online. The Tribune also says this about the event.
Joffrey Ballet officials say they now know what went wrong with the admissions system set up for the free concert Tuesday. Anyone who had asked for tickets by e-mail was sent a confirmation note to be used as an admission slip, and the Joffrey based its head count on the number of e-mail confirmations it sent out. But Teeuwissen said some patrons forwarded private copies of their confirmation slips to others, resulting in more attendees than the 1,500-seat Harris could accommodate.

Anyone turned away who didn't leave a name can contact the Joffrey at 312-739-0120 for free tickets to a future performance.

Perhaps I needn't mention it, but for all our Chicagoland readers with less than golden conciousess. That number is your ticket to free tickets.

Find the full Chicago Tribune article quote above here

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