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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Step Up" walks away from ballet

The new dance movie “Step Up” will open in theaters next Friday. Directed by Anne Fletcher (Bring it on) the movie contains a nod to ballet, but focuses its dancing efforts on the widespread appeal of hip-hop. A mixed preview/op-ed article by Janice Berman on the film published in the San Francisco Chronicle says this about the film.
"When it comes to classical ballet, "Step Up," which opens next Friday, can't step away fast enough, or far enough. Ballet returns but once, putting our hunky hero Tyler, ludicrous in tights, into a teeny-kid class where, as he clings to the barre, a solemn little girl in a pink leotard stares at him. Balefully.
Is this the death of ballet? Hardly. As a topic for feature films, ballet's been nigh-dead a long time. Think of how many movies have ballet as a central plot point. Not a ton. "The Red Shoes." "The Turning Point," after "The Red Shoes" the best, or at least the most impassioned, ballet feature film ever made. What else is there? The fabulous "Billy Elliot," which talked a great ballet game but showed almost none. The dreary "The Company." And then a bunch of flicks that make you throw popcorn at the screen, like "Center Stage.""

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